ON-Gard® (5-0-0)

Organic 100% Plant-Derived Fertilizer


ON-Gard Bottle

Available sizes: 2.5 gal, 5 gal, 30 gal - USA |  9.46 liter, 18.93 liter, 113.56 liter - Canada
Registered for use in: USA (except MT, ND, NV, SD, WY) and Canada

ON-Gard is an innovative fertilizer. It is 100% plant-derived, 100% water soluble, and consistent in composition. ON-Gard increases stress tolerance, increases plant growth and enhances nutrient uptake and overall absorption. It is rapidly absorbed by leaves and roots and transferred throughout the plant.

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100% Plant-Derived

Unlike many other amino acid fertilizers derived from animal origin, ON-Gard is free of antibiotics, heavy metals, chlorides and other polluting agents.

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Stress Tolerance

ON-Gard increases stress tolerance (extreme heat, drought or high salts), increases plant/crop/turf growth and enhances nutrient uptake and overall absorption.

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Increase Yield

Improves plants with faster rooting, better foliage color and more vivid blooms.

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