Verdanta® K-Vita® (2-0-20)

Organic Granular Fertilizer


K-Vita Bag

Available sizes: 40 lb bags and packed 60 bags / pallet (2400 lb/pallet) - USA | 18kg bags - Canada
Registered for use in: USA (except CA, ND, NV, SD) and Canada

K-Vita is derived from 100% organic sources (2-0-20) and provides extra potassium to assist in producing stockier, more robust plants with shorter internodes.


MINIGRAN Technology

This unique formulation process delivers user-friendly, low odor, low dust, microgranules. Each tiny granule contains uniform nutrient content for more controlled nutrient delivery.


Organic Ingredients

The presence of organic nutrient sources in Verdanta MINIGRAN products adds slowly released nutrients that attracts a diversity of beneficial microorganisms.

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Sturdier Plants

The high potassium content (20% K2O) in K-Vita provides slow, but continuous release of nutrition to crops.

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